Stomach pain around belly button early pregnancy

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How to Get Rid of Pain Around Belly Button – Causes, Symptoms and Home Treatments

Your belly button is the most sensitive area of your body. Any discomfort around the stomach is almost impossible to ignore. Pain around belly button can affect anyone, from little children to adults. There are two types of naval pain and identifying the seriousness of the problem is important to determine the exact cause. Normally people momentarily disregard and just hope the pain will disappear in a day or two. In either case it is important to seek medical help if the pain persists. Following are the causes, symptoms, and remedial home treatments for pain behind belly button.

Symptoms of sharp pain around belly button:

  • In some instances the pain is steady, sharp, pulsating and sporadic. Sometimes it may flare up on the surface of the skin due to some kind of sudden movement, after a meal, or specific part of the day.
  • There may be redness of skin or pus oozing out from the umbilical area due to skin infection.
  • Serious symptoms like nausea and vomiting is associated with appendicitis which requires quick medical attention.

Common causes of abdominal pain around belly button:

1. Unhealthy Diet & Bacterial Infection:

Overeating causes stressful contractions in the stomach. Eating less causes acidity and this often results in naval pain. Consumption of allergic foods is another root of annoyance. Bacterial infections cause food poisoning, which damage intestinal linings and result in flu-like symptoms, nausea, vomiting, and swelling around the belly button causing extreme discomfort. Aside from these, constipation is another reason for throbbing belly pain. Consumption of a healthy diet will aid in better physical well being.

Taking excessive medications due to medical conditions commonly cause pain around belly button. Drugs often do not absorb into the digestive stream causing unease. It is advisable to get the prescribed medicines revised from the physician and if possible ask for mild medications or alternatives.

3. Urinary tract infections:

Different forms of bacterial infections are starting point of urinary tract infections. Painful urination causes sharp pain in the abdominal area. Drinking plenty of water and cleansing the area will help reduce the pain. Doctor prescribed antibiotics also work well under such circumstances.

A hernia is a lump in the muscle cavity especially around the bladder, intestines, and belly button. During this illness one experiences sharp shooting pain near the naval area while doing any kind of movement. It is advisable to take immediate medical attention as this could turn into a serious health hazard.

During pregnancy women experience normal pain around the belly button as the stomach expands with the growth of the foetus. However if the pain is intense and continuous then it might be an indication of severe health concern for the baby. Contacting a gynaecologist at the earliest is advisable so as to know the seriousness of the issue.

Ulcers are an indication of bad stomach lining. Unhealthy eating habits cause the stomach lining to erode and cause intestinal bleeding. Its aggravates with the consumption of acidic and spicy foods, hence causing extreme discomfort around the belly button. Conspumtion of mild food will prevent further damage to the intestines and promote quick healing of the pain in the naval area.

Pancreatic disease is caused due to excessive damage of pancreatic tissues due to diabetes and pancreatic cancer. An acutely aching belly button is a result of this ailment. Other symptoms include fever, vomiting, and headaches. It is advisable to access medical attention quickly for instant relief and avoid any serious medical condition.

This is a life threatening disease caused due the inflammation of the stomach and intestines. This causes unbearable pain in the abdominal area. Getting medical attention at the earliest will prevent any life threat caused by this disease.

One of the known forms of UTI infections is Cystitis. This condition is more common in women. It causes passing of blood through the urine and extreme pain in the naval area.

It is normal to feel sharp pain in the belly button after an abdominal surgery. It is usually temporary and heals after sometime. Keeping the effected area clean and dry will not cause fungal infection to lodge in the belly button area.

Gallstones are not detected until they cause upper abdominal pain which shifts to the lower abdomen causing shooting pain in the belly button area. This is accompanied by fever, jaundice like symptoms, and bloating of the stomach. Medical attention at the earliest will provide relief from this illness.

Inflamed appendix causes serious stomach ache which results in extreme pain in the naval area. The pain might occur like normal stomach ache but if it is persistant and sharp then it requires immediate medical attention as the appendicitis might rapture and turn fatal for life.

Common Home Remedies For Pain In Belly Button:

Warm water with salt:

Rubbing the belly button with a cotton dipped in warm water will increase the blood flow of around the area and reduce the pain. If the area has bacterial infection then it is advisable to use warm water with salt. Salt acts as a cleanser and disinfectant for the infected area. Carrying out this simple treatment twice a day will heal the belly button of the bacterial infections.

Warm Compress:

Sometimes the belly button gets infected due to piercing done in that area. This might cause inflammation and pus formation. To get relief from this ordeal one can use warm water compressions at regular intervals. The warm water treatment will aid in the discharge of pus and heal the bacterial infection. A warm water dip also helps in reducing the pain. It soothes the area and provides instant relief.

Turmeric application:

The natural antibiotic acts as an anti-inflammatory agent and cures rashes, infections, and bacterial congestions of the belly button. Regularly cleansing of the area will keep the area non-itchy and clean. Consumption of turmeric powder with honey in a glass of milk daily will keep one fit internally and prevent internal inflammations.

Indian Lilac application:

Indian lilac is known for its anti-fungal properties. Applying a mixture of neem oil and olive oil around the naval area cause the infection to heal naturally. Neem and turmeric paste is also very effective in healing inflammation and itching of the belly button.

Coconut oil application:

Application of warm coconut oil around the infected belly button will reduce pain and inflammation. Coconut oil is a natural anti-fungal ointment it aids in keeping the area clean from dirt and other yeast infections.

White vinegar application:

Applying white vinegar with warm water on a cotton ball to the infected area to heal pus discharge, pain, and redness. After the application of the solution rinse with warm water after 10-15 mins. Regular application will heal the area naturally.

Alcohol application:

Dip cotton ball into alcohol and apply it on the infected area. This in turn curbs the bacterial infection and its antiseptic properties heal the belly button and reduce pain and irritation.

Tea Tree Oil application:

Sometimes yeast infections occur in cavity of the belly button due to unclean habits. Applying tea tree oil to the infected place will reduce the fungal infection and cleanse the area from the microorganisms. Regular application will keep the naval area clean and the surrounding skin supple.

Aloe Vera application:

A natural and quick remedy is application of fresh aloe gel from the leave will reduce the pain in the naval area and cure it of itchiness, inflammation, and redness. It promotes quick healing of the skin around the belly button.

Calendula lotion application:

Calendula ointment is effective in reducing itching, irritation, and pain of the belly button. It is a natural antiseptic remedy to curb bacterial infections around the abdominal cavity. Applying the flower petals or the cream will keep the belly button healthy in the long run.

Cleansing the area regularly:

Naval area always gets damp due to soap deposits and dirt accumulating in the cavity. Cleansing the area regularly with a damp cloth or cotton dipped in aromatic oils can prevent yeast and other bacterial infections at bay. Also rinse the area well with warm water while bathing.

Avoid wearing tight clothing:

Tight pants and excessively tight tops cause friction in the belly button area which might result in discomfort and pain. Wear loose and comfortable clothing to allow the skin around the naval area to breath and to shield it from harmful UV rays.

We hope these informative home remedial methods will come in handy while dealing with an infected belly button. To avoid major medical issues keeping the area clean and dry is advisable. Regular use of disinfectants and anti-fungal ointments keep the belly button skin healthy and supple. Application and cleansing of the abdominal cavity with a mild soap is a hygienic way to prevent bacterial yeast and sweat to infect the area. Above all get immediate medical attention if the pain persists and continues for more than three days.

9 Causes of Minor Belly Button Pain

Pain is something that nobody wants to experience. We experience many types of illnesses that occur in our body. Some of these are common or are experienced for the first time common. Belly button pain can be quite alarming and uncomfortable. This particular pain that feels dense. With bellybutton pain, you can not carry out your daily duties properly. One of the reasons that this pain is uncomfortable is that it does not go away even when you change your positions like sitting or lying down. It is also caused by putting on tight wear around the waist area.

To deal with belly button pain, you need to identify the cause of the pain and to know what you can do to treat the pain. When you ignore this pain, you will never know the real cause of the same. It is vital to note the type of pain that you are suffering in your belly, whether continuous or sharp and whether the pain is on and off.

Causes of Belly Button Pain

Reasons of Belly Button Pain –

From surgery

You are likely to experience a belly button pain particularly if you just had abdominal surgery. You can also experience some other side effects apart from the stomach pain.

For pregnant women, it is only natural to experience this pain due to the continuous stretching of their belly. Also, a particular belly button pain can indicate that the baby is undergoing difficulty in the womb therefore when the pain is acute it is of utmost importance to contact your caretaker immediately. Otherwise, if the pain is manageable, it is a sign of the body normalizing to the pregnancy.

Every so often it is common for various people to encounter short periods of Urinary Tract Infections. More so there are those who have a tendency of having one type of UTI namely Cystitis. However, this type of UTI moves to other areas of the body as it becomes critical. To cure this, taking antibiotics is a good solution to this problem. The main symptom of this condition is a faint pain that is experienced around the belly button.

Bacterial Infections

Abdominal pain can be caused by Bacteria in the gut area. If the abdomen it slightly tenders it is an indication that there are bacteria present, and this causes pain. Other symptoms can be experienced with the pain. A doctor can prescribe antibiotics to make the bacteria’s.

An ulcer is caused by having too much acid in the stomach which corrodes the stomach lining leading to internal bleeding. Ulcers cause pain in the belly button area. When you eat particular foods, the pain accentuates.


Gallstones can easily go unnoticed until such a time when they are so severe leading to acute pain around the belly button area. The pain begins from the upper to the lower abdomen. The symptoms keep appearing and disappearing from time to time.

Pancreatic Problems

The pancreas regulates the quantity of sugar in our bodies is sufficient to keep us energized. Its symptoms are similar to those with diabetes. Other symptoms include nausea and headaches.

Disorder of the Small Intestine

Once the small intestines are infected the result is an acute pain in the abdominal area because they are directly below the abdominal area. This pain is felt instantaneously.


In the past, the appendicitis was not considered an important organ in the body but later it was discovered that it plays a vital role in the standard functioning of the human body. However, when infected can cause acute pain in the lower abdomen and when not attended to burst immediately to lead to critical issues.

A point to note about the above conditions is that a doctor may recommend lifestyle changes for the above situations, but some can only be corrected by undergoing surgery.

When To See Your Doctor

When you feel the belly button pain for more than three days and is accompanied by other symptoms, it is imperative to see your doctor.

Belly Button Pain : 12 Common Causes & When to See Doctor

Are you having pain in your belly button? There could be many reasons to feel pain around your navel. Belly button pain is something you cannot ignore. It can be mild or sharp and can come and go often. This pain can occur because of a serious health condition, so you should be aware of the possible causes. Do not ignore belly button pain for a long time. You should know when to see a doctor and what causes pain to the belly button.

Symptoms you may feel along with belly button pain

  • Continuous vomiting or vomiting with blood
  • Chest pain or pain under right or left rib cage
  • Shortness of breathing
  • Nausea
  • Bloody bowel movement

Belly Button Pain

Belly Button Pain Causes: Why does your belly hurt?

Belly button pain is also known as radiating umbilical pain or referred umbilical pain. There are many types of belly button pain. It is very important to understand the type of pain to know the cause of the pain. Once you know the cause of the pain it will become easy for you and your doctor to diagnose properly. So pay attention to the type pain and symptoms along with the pain.

Belly Button Pain Due to Appendicitis

Appendicitis is inflammation of the appendix. Our large intestine contains a worm-shaped pouch known as an appendix. People can die because of inflamed appendix burst, but appendix can be removed surgically.

Appendicitis pain starts from belly button then it will move towards the lower right abdomen. The pain can be range from dull to very sharp. So if you feel intense pain in your lower side of the abdomen, consult with your doctor as soon as possible.

Symptoms of appendicitis include:

  • Fever
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Bloating
  • Gas
  • Constipation or Diarrhea
  • Belly Pain when Touched

Crohn`s Disease

This pain starts when you have inflammation in the digestive system or bowel. Crohn’s disease can affect your mouth as well as the rectum. There is no definite cause of this problem but it can occur due to genetics, bacterial infection, and smoking.

Symptoms of Crohn’s Disease

Belly Pain When Urinating

Urinary tract infection can also cause your pain around the belly button or in the middle abdomen. It also causes a burning sensation while passing urine. You can use natural home remedies to get rid of UTI.

Symptoms of UTI

  • Burning Sensation while Passing Urine
  • Strong Smell while urinating
  • Cloudy urine
  • Yellow or red color urine


Constipation is a very common cause of belly button pain. If you are having three or less than three bowel movement in a week then it’s a sign of constipation. Everyone suffered from this health condition at some point in time in their life. Constipation that lasts for short period of time is not serious. But if you have constipation for long period of time that can be dangerous.

Symptoms of Constipation

  • Pain around belly button
  • Having hard or lumpy stool
  • Urge for bowel movement but nothing comes out
  • Painful bowel movement

Note: if you are having these symptoms more than one month then you should visit a doctor. And you can also use the natural home remedy to get rid of constipation.

Hernia Belly Button Pain

A hernia is one of the most common cause of pain under the belly button. In the USA more than a million hernia surgery happens in a year. It occurs in abdomen area due to torn tissues. The pain can range from mild to severe. While you are suffering from a hernia avoid lifting objects.

A hernia problem is can only be cured by surgery so if you are suffering from hernia pain contact your doctor immediately.

Ulcer to Cause pain above belly button

An ulcer mainly occurs in the small intestine or in the lining of the stomach. One out ten Americans suffer from this health condition once in their lifetime. In 50% of patient, ulcer occur because of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs) and bacteria (H. pylori) in the stomach. For the rest 50% patient causes can be certain medication, smoking, too much physiological stress, and genetic.

Belly Button Pain Due to Gas

After a delicious meal, you might feel overeaten and uncomfortable. This may happen because you are having trouble with passing gas. This may sound embarrassing but passing gas can be a blessing in disguise sometimes. Because gas can cause pain in stomach and it might range from mild to severe.

It is a very common health issue and Gas can be cured by natural remedies. But if you are having symptoms like prolonged abdominal pain, constant vomiting, heavy chest pain, blood in stool quality with gas then visit your doctor immediately.

Belly Button Pain during Pregnancy

What causes belly button pain during pregnancy? Pain around belly button occurs due to the growth of baby or because of pain round ligament during pregnancy. Sometimes pain occurs both sides of the belly button. Pain due to round ligament occurs in only in the second trimester.

Pain due to round ligament only lasts for few minutes. But if you have constant pain around your belly button during pregnancy contact your doctor.


Indigestion or stomach upset is one of the major cause of pain in belly button area. This digestive problem also called dyspepsia in medical term. It mainly occurs after having meal and pain can be mild or severe.

Indigestion may happen because of smoking, alcohol, eating too much food, spicy food, gastric problems, ulcer etc.

Common symptoms of indigestion.

  • Pain in navel
  • Burning sensation in intestine
  • Pain in breastbone

Belly Pain After Surgery

It is very normal to have pain above belly button after abdomen surgery. Most of the time pain will go away as you get healed from surgery. The pain can be range from mild to severe. If you feel a sharp sensation around the navel, then take painkiller medication as prescribed by your surgeon.

If the pain is not severe you might not have to visit a doctor as it will go away once you are fully recovered. But if you have severe pain along with symptoms like vomiting, fever, nausea etc. then you should seek medical attention immediately.

Stomach Flu

Stomach flu can also cause pain around the belly button. It may occur due to the reproduction of bacteria. Your stomach may get swell and pain can range from mild to severe. Common symptoms of stomach flu are vomiting, nausea and pain in the navel. If you are feeling constant pain in the stomach then you should get medical attention.


The gallbladder is small organ presents in the upper right abdomen. The main function of the gallbladder is to store bile duct which helps in digestion. Gallstone occur when you have too much cholesterol in the bile.

Common symptoms of gallstone

  • Pain around belly button
  • Vomiting
  • Dark urine
  • Diarrhea
  • Indigestion
  • Dark color stool (mainly in clay color)

When to See You a Doctor for Belly Button Pain

Pain around belly Button can be a serious health condition if it’s ignored for long period of time. If you have severe pain and for a long time then visit your doctor. Before visiting your doctor make note of the symptoms you are having along with belly button pain.

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