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Birth of a child is an unforgettable moment in each woman’s life. However, appearance of a tiny cutie brings not only rejoice to his mother’s soul. Therapists and psychologists rightly and openly say that there can be a so-called postpartum depression, when a new mother feels depressed and useless. This state may occur due to such an important factor as changes in the look, which many people face: it is excessive weight, chronic fatigue, and a sagging after-birth belly.

How the Look Changes After Giving Birth

Many women gain excessive weight after nine months of pregnancy. And it is understandable: the baby's growing organism in the mother's womb required fine nutrition. Besides, even after giving birth the mom should not stop eating well in order to be able to breastfeed the new family member and provide him with sufficient amount of vitamins and nutrients. That is why a strict diet is forbidden during first months of breastfeeding.

The most "painful" and actual problem of the new mothers is probably a stretched and flabby belly after parturition, or, better to say, extra kilograms in that area. However, in order to get your belly back to being normal, you need to figure out what happened to it, because the baby is already born, whereas the belly is gone only partly, which is quite unpleasant.

Stretched and Flabby After-birth Belly – Reasons

A large belly after childbirth is a rather common phenomenon, which almost all women of any age, build, or constitution. Pregnancy has a significant effect on the human organism, reconstructing and changing certain processes, including metabolism, to make the fetus stay in the mother's womb as comfortable and safe as possible. However, few mothers were prepared in advance for the fact that even after the joy of having given birth to a child, their organism will not at once recover and get its former shape back.

For many ladies, a flat belly after childbirth is a given, instead of a deserved; they are simply not prepared that even after the nine months of pregnancy and the long hours of parturition, instead of a carefree rest, they will face exhausting care for the child and physical exercises, which will bring beauty back to all their body parts. Seeing what a post-childbirth belly looks like, many women not just become upset, but even get a postpartum depression. Actually, if the belly does not go away after giving birth, you should not lose heart or panic: you only need to be patient and exercise, and the problem will be solved quickly.

To identify a way to get rid of the postpartum belly, you must understand which physiological processes turned a flat belly into what upsets many ladies so much.

Sagging Postpartum Belly: Reason 1

The first reason for a woman's large postpartum belly becomes a stretched uterus. That is why even skinny mothers after giving birth surprisingly notice that their belly is sagging. Fortunately, the uterus shrink completely several months after parturition, so, you must simply wait for it to happen. If a lady was in a good physical shape prior to childbirth and exercised regularly, it often happens that her belly shrinks naturally, after her uterus gets back to its normal state.

Stomach Muscles After Childbirth: Reason 2

Secondly, abdominal muscles are stretched after parturition as well, so, to get their former shape back, you need to exercise. The same way you get rid of an excessive body fat, which was necessary during pregnancy for protection of the fetus. Body fat, which was growing all through the process of baby's development in the mother's womb, to a pity of our dear ladies, does not go away even after a happy moment of delivering a baby, so, an issue of restoring the former shape of the belly after childbirth can be associated with the getting rid of excessive fat in the abdominal area. The time when belly disappears depends not only on your striving and hard work in your physical exercising, but also on the female organism peculiarities, which we described in the previous article.

Belly Skin After Childbirth: Reason 3

A newborn average weight is 3 or 3.5 kilos, and his height is 51-54 centimeters. Of course, babies are born different – they can be bigger or smaller as well, and, anyway, for all 9 months from the point of the beginning of their existence they grow and develop in the mother’s womb. Human skin is elastic and can easily stretch so as to fit a growing fetus with ease and protect it as much as possible. However, after childbirth, skin cannot recover its previous state immediately – it is extremely stretched.

A stretched postpartum belly is a problem for all women, because even if a lady is well physically trained and has perfect health, she may hope that body fat will not spoil her beauty after giving birth to a child, but no one can fight the properties of human skin. A flat belly after birth is not an easy task; it requires not only patience and regular exercising, but also time, which is necessary for the uterus to shrink completely and for the belly skin to recover its former shape.

How to Return the Belly to its Normal State after Birth

So, to make a nice and flat belly after childbirth, you must implicitly follow two rules:

  • Reduce the amount of fat consumed
  • Do exercises for the belly after childbirth regularly. This is what we will discuss next.

Abdominal Exercises After Birth: Strengthening Muscles

Restoring the shape of the belly you had prior to parturition means doing regular and long physical exercises aimed at strengthening abdominal muscles. They will not only help the belly to recover from delivery, but also to burn excessive fat, which will positively affect both your shape and your organism in general.

You should necessarily remember that each abdominal exercise after delivery must be done smoothly and without any haste. We all understand how you are willing to get rid of excessive fat and become stunning again, but in this process orderliness and consistency have the major significance. It is unlikely that you will get rid of the belly soon after childbirth; however, accelerating this process and making your belly flat as soon as possible is quite manageable!

Abdominal Exercise #1

From a prone position, put your legs in affixed position slightly bending them in the knees. You can put them under a table or an armchair. Then, slowly but surely lift your body with our arms behind the head. The exercise must be done daily several times, several minutes each time. Do not hurry or overwork; overloading yourself is not only useless, but can even do harm.

Exercise #2: Strengthening Lower Abdomen

From a prone position slowly raise your legs. If the exercise is too difficult, do not lift your legs too high up; gradually increase the distance from the floor to your heels. This exercise is aimed at strengthening the lower abdomen muscles, but it also aids the process of burning excessive fat in the abdominal area, so, it helps restore the stomach shape after delivery.

Exercise #3

From a standing position, feet shoulder width apart, do tilts to both sides, trying to reach the floor with your arm. All after-birth abdominal exercises must be done daily for at least 3 months. Along with that, you should repeat each exercise several times a day without overloading your organism. You should not train till complete exhaustion; first of all, it will not bring proper results, and secondly, you will need strength after that, because there is a small child in the house, and he needs his mother’s care and attention.

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How to tighten saggy stomach after pregnancy

An insight into saggy skin after weight loss, how to tighten, get rid, without surgery, avoid, fast, excessive, after pregnancy.

Saggy Skin after Weight Loss

Saggy skin after weight loss

When one works to lose some weight, then he dreams of a tighter, toned body. A person doesn’t picture extra, loose skin. But that’s a possibility, and one that is able to lead to several health problems and a poor self-image.

The elasticity of the skin largely depends on how long an individual is obese. It doesn’t matter if you have dropped pounds quickly or even slowly. The longer it is stretched out, then the less likely it is to bounce back.

But only 23% of weight loss surgery patients normally get the body contouring.

A big reason for that is the expense. A total body lift is able to cost about $32,000. Health insurance might pay for a tummy tuck as the stomach folds might normally get infected, but it won’t pay for most of the other body parts. Companies also claim that those surgeries are only for cosmetic reasons and not in any way reconstructive.

The most common areas that are treated, in order, are belly, breasts, thighs, male chest, and also face.

A surgeon can only get rid of the extra skin if you keep the weight off for about 5 months. And they’ll only work on two areas at a time. That cuts down on risk of complications.

Since it has to stretch as we move as in the case of weight loss, shrink, skin is an incredibly elastic organ. Skin is not just a big piece of rubber which covers the entire body, but is an organ, and just like all the other organs in the body, it has cells.

Different layers of skin have different types of cells, and though the skin cells on the outer part of the skin (the epidermis) are lost and replaced with the new cells, the skin cells that are under the epidermis are more permanent. These particular layers of the skin, known as the dermis and sub dermis, are thus made up of elastic connective tissues, blood vessels and several components that are able to stretch or contract depending on how they’re treated.

When you lose weight, and more especially when you lose weight much quickly, the particular elastic components of the skin not only lose the layers of the fat which keep them stretched out over the body, but they also don’t have much time for elasticity to adapt to the new shape thus saggy skin after weight loss.

In addition to the weight loss, poor nutrition, excessive sun exposure, and smoking may all affect the elasticity of skin and give you the elephant-like appearance that you probably don’t want

Does Loose Skin after Weight Loss go away?

As you lose the fat and the loose skin starts to suddenly appear, then the first rule is: don’t panic as it is a living organ, thus the skin will slowly return to its normal shape which fits the new body. But since that process is able to take up to about three years, here are a few steps that you can take to make the skin tighten more quickly:

Tip 1: Don’t Lose Weight Too Quickly

As indicated above, in addition to the weight loss, poor nutrition, excessive sun exposure, and smoking amongst other reasons can all affect the elasticity of skin leading to saggy skin after weight loss.

Crash diets and also the excessive amounts of time which is spent exercising might rapidly shed both muscle as well as the fat, leading to a double-whammy on the skin which is the supportive underlying muscular structure which holds skin against the body is lost, as is the fat which keeps the skin much stretched out.

Quick and also dirty tip for not losing weight very quickly: Aim for about 2 pounds of fat loss per week, and also make sure that the weight loss program includes weight lifting so that you do not in any way lose the lean muscle.

Attend to the hydration needs. Water is an important component of maintaining the skin elasticity. From both the food as well as the drink, you should be taking in at least 8 glasses of water each day, hydration minimizes the effects of saggy skin after weight loss.

Two important ingredients which keeps the skin plump and also elastic are the collagen and also the elastin. Protein-rich foods like the cottage cheese, legumes, beans, seeds, and fish all have the collagen and elastin forming components, and also the oils to assist maintain healthy skin.

For optimum absorption, squeeze about 200 calories of the protein sources in after the workout to avoid saggy skin after weight loss.

Tip 4: Take Care of Your Skin

Nourish and also care for the skin. Daily exfoliation might assist to get rid of the dead skin cells and also increase skin circulation. A hot bath that has sea salts and also the minerals is able to improve the skin tone.

Skin tightening creams that have herbal formulas and ingredients like aloe vera, hyaluronic acid, yeast extract, vitamin C, and vitamin A can assists to hydrate and increase collagen and also the elastin formation in skin.

Stay away from the harsh detergents, like the sulfates in soaps, as well as the dishwashing liquids, limit the sun exposure and stay away from the tanning booths, and limit the exposure to hot and also chlorinated water—all of the things will decrease skin elasticity

How to avoid Loose Skin after Weight Loss

You’ve already made the decision that you’re ready to lose the excess weight and have started making changes to the diet and also the exercise routine. But as you’re losing, then you might notice the skin isn’t bouncing back. As an elastic organ, the skin stretches and also contracts so as to form with the shape of the body.

While there are steps that you can take to minimize the sagginess of the skin while you drop the pounds which includes the slow weight loss, eating the right kinds of foods and also the exercise, but a lot largely depends on age and how much weight that you have to lose.

Go Slow to avoid saggy skin after weight loss

How to prevent loose skin after weight loss

It’s better to lose it slowly than quickly, more especially true if you’re trying to prevent the saggy skin. When you lose weight very quickly, then you may end up losing a lot of muscle than fat. Muscle acts as supportive tissue which assists to hold the skin on the body.

To help you lose a lot of fat than the muscle, ensure to keep weight loss at a rate of about 2 pounds a week. One pound of fat has about 4000 calories, and in most of the cases reducing the current calorie needs by about 1,000 calories a day can assist you lose at the rate. For instance, a 45-year-old 6-foot-tall man who weighs 300 pounds requires to have 3,200 calories so as to maintain the weight, and loses at a healthy rate by reducing intake to about 2,500 calories a day.

Diet Right to stop saggy skin after weight loss

Skin elasticity plays a very crucial role in determining how saggy the skin gets while you lose weight. Although the age plays a very major factor in determining how well the skin bounces back after being stretched, then a healthy diet keeps the elastin and also the collagen proteins fibers that assist to support the structure of the skin very strong. In general, good skin needs you follow a diet which is filled with nutrient-rich foods and that are low in fat and also sugar.

More specifically, you require to make sure that you get enough amount of vitamin C in the diet from foods like red and also the green peppers, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, oranges and kiwifruit. Vitamin C is vital for the production of the collagen, and it also improves the appearance of skin. Also, foods that are rich in linoleic acid, which is a type of fat that is found in chicken, seeds and also vegetable oils, assists to support better skin strength and structure.

Most vital, limit the intake of sugar. Too much sugar might damage skin, upping the risk of sagging. Reduce the intake of soda and other sweet treats.

Getting Enough Water

Adequate hydration of the body also plumps the skin so as to minimize the sagging. The amount of water you require depends largely on the current health needs, diet and also the climate you live in. An adult should begin with about 1 quart for every 45 pounds, or 5 quarts for a 250-pound person, and adjust as required. The doctor can assist you determine how much water that you should drink each day so as to avoid saggy skin after weight loss.

In addition to assisting hydrate the skin, drinking water is good for the weight loss. Water before meals keeps you feeling full, so you should eat less. It as well prevents fluid retention, so you’ll obtain a more accurate reading when you weigh in.

Tighten Skin Up With Exercise

Regular exercise, which includes the cardio and also the strength-training, might limit muscle loss while a person is losing weight, which might improve the look as well as the tone of the skin. Fast walking, jogging, biking and also aerobics count as the cardiovascular exercise. When trying to lose weight, aim for about 60 minutes, at least five days a week.

Strength-training, which also includes lifting weights, use of resistance bands as well as the yoga, builds muscle. Work out all the major muscles like the arms, back, legs, butt, shoulders at least twice a week. For better results and also better skin, work the muscles to the point of failure. For instance, use weights that are heavy enough that the last rep with each set is almost impossible to finish.

How to Get Rid of Loose Skin after Weight Loss without Surgery

There’s nothing as bad as working the way through a diet only to end up with the skin that hangs like a curtain. Unfortunately, it’s a very common byproduct of the weight loss. Here’s what you can do so as to minimize the amount of the loose skin during weight loss or improve the issue after you’ve lost the weight.

Two layers of tissue always reside underneath the skin: adipose followed by muscle tissue directly beneath. Both fat and also the muscle push up against the adjacent layer of the skin, thus keeping it relatively taut before a person lose weight.

The issue of loose skin starts long before any weight loss happens. Instead, it also starts when a large amount of weight is gained. When you gain the weight, the skin’s surface area increases so as to accommodate the new fat tissue.

While the fat cells shrink when that weight is fully lost, you still retain the surface area. The new void which is under the larger surface area then creates a layer of skin that might “hang,” due to the fact that there is less tissue below that is taking up space. This is what’s known as loose or “sagging” skin.

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The amount of loose skin which remains normally varies by individual. In fact, not every person’s skin sags afterwards, and it also depends on many factors: total weight gained and also lost, total muscle mass, and genetics amongst the factors.

Some other people have a massive amount of loose skin which only surgery is able to fix. Others have none at all, despite the significant weight loss.

Then there are those people in the middle, where there’s room to prevent the loose skin during weight loss and also improve it afterwards.

Muscle Tissue: The Key to Minimizing Loose Skin

Maintaining or even increasing the muscle tissue is the requirement to minimizing loose skin. Remember that the phenomenon happens when the underlying layers of the tissue shrink under a much large surface area.

If the muscle mass is lost in addition to the fat, then it creates an even larger void under the skin’s surface. On the other hand, increasing of the lean tissue fills the area below the skin, keeping it taut thus no saggy skin after weight loss.

There are a ways that you retain or even increase the muscle tissue during a diet.

Lose Weight at a Reasonable Pace

There’s a correlation which exists between how quickly one loses weight and also the amount of loose skin that they end up with.

So as to lose weight, a person must create a calorie deficit. When the deficit is very reasonable and an individual is losing about two pounds per week, then a majority of the weight lost is fat. While a more aggressive deficit will lead to faster weight loss, there’s a higher risk that the weight loss will come from the muscle tissue, more especially when done over a prolonged period of time.

Incorporate Strength Training Into Your Regimen

Similar to the reasons indicated, incorporating strength training can allow a person to maintain more muscle mass, or build muscle if he is relatively new to the type of regimen. In the first year of resistance training, you might actually be able to build up to about 25 pounds of muscle. (This can likely be less if you’re dieting, given a caloric deficit is not the optimum conditions for the building muscle.)

A hypertrophy regimen might yield better results over one that optimizes strength or even endurance. Hypertrophy training usually specializes in increase of the overall size and also the volume of muscles, allowing the skin to cling tighter to the underlying tissue.

How to Tighten Saggy Skin after Weight Loss

Home remedies to get rid of saggy skin

Most of the experts recommend aiming for about 5 pounds per week, depending on the starting point. Losing weight quickly, by means of the fad diets and also cleanses, will then compromise the contours of the face, affect the health of skin, and also impact the overall success in keeping the weight off.

Replace the fat which once filled out the skin with lean mass by focusing the fitness routine on strength training, want the muscle to essentially replace the fat that is lost so as to prevent loose or sagging skin. When the underlying muscle is then toned and tight, it helps give the skin a strong foundation to rest on. Building strength as you target the flab not only keeps the skin taut, it also amps up the calorie burn long after you leave the gym, aiding to reduce the effects of saggy skin after weight loss.3. Practice good sun protection.

If you exercise the outdoors, then take steps so as to reduce the exposure to the sun’s collagen-destroying UV rays. Plan the walk for the early morning or even late in the day, when the sun is less scorching. Slather on sunscreen, and then make sure the label says broad-spectrum—that implies it protects against the UVA and UVB rays, which both damage the dermis. And consider protective clothing.

Pile the plate with a rainbow of the colorful fruits and also the vegetables, which have the nutrients vital to skin health. Specifically, load up on vitamin A or even the lycopene, a recent study reports this antioxidant offsets damage from UV rays. Meanwhile, leafy greens and also the citrus fruits boast plenty of vitamin C, which assists to build collagen thus no saggy skin after weight loss.

How to Tighten Loose Skin on Stomach

Though there’s nothing as a magical skin-tightening potion, the topical products are able to stoke collagen growth and also improve the appearance if you use them daily and also consistently.

Your dermatologist is able to prescribe retinoid-containing creams, like Retin-A or Tretin-X. Or even look for over-the-counter serums that have the epidermal growth factor, which then stimulates fibroblasts deep in the skin so as to ramp up collagen production.

Toss the cigarettes and take an extra step away from the cloud of fumes that you pass. Lighting up makes the skin less resilient. What’s more, emerging research suggests the exposure to the secondhand smoke raises several levels of inflammatory proteins in the skin, thus reducing collagen levels and contributing to thin skin and also the wrinkles.

How to Get A Flat Stomach After Pregnancy




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• Do this exercise once episiotomy has healed

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3. Slide your right foot towards your hip such that the heel the hip and the knee is pointing to the ceiling

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6. Slide it back to the starting position

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