21 week pregnancy update


Thursday, January 2, 2014

21 week 5 day pregnancy update


I really appreciate your taking the time and energy to update. I cannot stop thinking about you and your precious family. Prayers will not cease. Thank you for giving us specific prayer needs. Bless you and yours. Tiffany F.

When you get the steroids, take ALL your jewelry off. Remove your contacts after the shot. When I got them over night I swelled so much my arm was swollen around my watch and my ears were swollen around my loose earrings. I had to cut a little string bracelet off my arm because I was so swollen around it. Also my eyes swelled up so much that my contact lenses didn't fit for about a week. The shot site will hurt really bad.

I am so sorry for the difficulties and loss you have experienced with this pregnancy; I will keep it short and say you and yours are in my prayers daily and I hope for the very best outcome. Would a wheelchair help at all; I mean I don't know if your home (doorways etc.) would accommodate a chair but if not would maybe a walker with a seat be helpful to keep you technically off your feet even when you must be up and around? It's just a suggestion, I will keep praying for the baby to maximize his time on the inside. Should your Dr feel a walker or chair would be helpful, insurance should cover it. This is a link to the kind of walker I am referring to http://www.globalindustrial.com/p/medical-lab/wheelchairs-1/medical-walkers-rollators/4-wheel-rollator-10257rd-1-fold-up-removable-back-support-aluminum-red?infoParam.campaignId=T9A&gclid=CL3v_qrF4bsCFeN_QgodqG4AvA

I hope you can accept this from someone who you believe will be burning in hell one day, but I am indeed praying for you. I hope you can carry this baby as close to term as possible, and I wish you and your family peace.

I, too, am grateful to have your specific prayer requests. It has got to be exhausting both physically and emotionally to be going through what you are. We are praying for you, for the healthy delivery of your son whenever that may occur, and for peace for you and your family.

Zsuzsanna, I am on the complete opposite side of the spectrum from you, politically and religiously, but my heart breaks for what you are going through right now. I hope that you will find the resources you need after the birth to process all of this; what a heavy load to carry, alone or otherwise. You are in my prayers.

Thanks for the update. You are constantly in my thoughts and prayers. Glad to hear Baby B is doing well. Tell everyone we said hello and thank you for the letters your kids write. My children get so excited every time a letter comes.

Maintaining peace in the midst of the storm is hard. When my dad was being resuscitated I got a picture in my head of a huge hand and my dad lying in it. I knew he would live somehow and he did. The peace was somehow imparted to me by the Lord Jesus concerning my father. It was awesome because i was so stressed with other issues in life. I pray that God with give this peace to you. I pray that all will be well. God bless you all at this time.

I have two friends that had very early ruptures with their membranes. Both were carrying triplets and both ruptured at 12 weeks. Ironically, they both live in Las Vegas, but didn't know each other during their pregnancies. My friend Joselle had her trio at 29 weeks and although she heard many, many times that Aspen would never live, she did. She's in 2nd grade now and she's a lovely little girl. My other friend Cathy had her trio at 27 weeks. Her son Matthew was also not expected to live and he's in third grade now. He's incredibly smart. He does have issues from being shrink-wrapped in the membrane and has had to go through some surgeries. He wasn't expected to ever learn to walk, but he was walking by the time he was two and he's smart as can be and a great kid. I have the utmost confidence that Baby B will survive and he will be a wonderful addition to your family. My friends had no fluid *at all* in their sacs and their kids survived, so I'm certain if has some fluid, then he's going to make it and likely won't even have the physical issues to deal with as a result of having no fluid.

Zsuzsanna, you have been very much on my heart since I read about the TTTS. I am so very sorry about the loss of Baby B. I have been thinking about you in light of two blogs I used to read, one is now private but the mother was in a situation similar to yours although the twins were fraternal, one passed away in utero before 20 weeks, and she was able to carry the other twin to term. The other blog is public (flotsamblog) and similarly one twin passed away at around 19 weeks, and the other was born at almost exactly 24 weeks. She is now a thriving 6-year-old. I hesitated to share these because neither shares your faith convictions (although the one who blogs privately is a Christian). However they both wrote about the strangeness of grieving one twin while at the same time rejoicing in the life of the other, and the ongoing tension of living day to day not knowing what the outcome would be for the living twin. My heart goes out to you and I join you in prayer for the life of Baby A, knowing all is in God's hands and his love will bear you up. Hang in there.

Still praying lots for you and your family. Thank you for the update even though you don't even know most of us. I had a friend give birth at 24w3d or so and her "little one" is now 5 years old and doing great. It was very hard at the the time, of course, and she didn't even know she had complications until she went into labor at that point in time. One of her favorite things after the baby was born was pumping milk for him. She said it made her feel very connected to him, and she could still be his primary nourisher at such a tender age.

Dear Zsuzsanna, thank you for the update. My family is praying for yours. Please don't feel pressured to post if it is uncomfortable, or in anyway is stressful to your pregnancy. Although we love to hear about how things are going in "your neck of the woods" it is more important at this time for you to take care of yourself and your sweet family. <3

I have had the steroids numerous times. When I had kaitlyn at good Samaritan hospital I was there for a month on complete bedrest. I had her at 29 weeks and received steroids to

develop her lungs. Good Sam has a great nicu which is part of Phoenix childrens hospital. When kaitlyn was born she did so well othe

r that being only 3lb and not having a sucking

reflex yet she breathed on her own and didn't have to be intibated. As far as location, good Sam is not that far from your home. It's at 11th st and McDowell right off the 10. I had Macy at a hospital at 30 weeks and she was transported by ambulance to the bug phoenix children's hospital. I can not tell you in words how much I love them. She had to be intibated for only 2 days had a rough start in life but look at her now.

The author of the public blog mentioned above, Alexa Stevenson, has written an excellent book about her experiences with PROM in a twin pregnancy, the death of one twin, and the NICU stay of the other. It is called "Half Baked: The Story of My Nerves, My Newborn, and How We Both Learned to Breathe". As the previous poster said, she does not share your faith convictions, but you might still appreciate knowing that you are not alone, that others have been through such an experience and come out the other side.

We are always praying for you and your family, Zsuzanna. We love reading your updates, but please get as much rest as you can. Praying and hoping everything works out for you.

The Freund Family

I'm glad to hear your son is still alright. I'm still praying for you and him. I have some friends who don't know who you are but are also praying for you as per my request. And knowing them I know they will. I don't know if it would do any good, but I've heard that taking gelatin is very good for healing bone, artery, and skin tissue. Maybe it would help with healing the membrane. I don't want to give false hope, but it was just an idea that came to me that I thought wouldn't hurt to at least try. If you do decide to take it, make sure it's gelatin from 100% grass fed beef. You will continue to be in my prayers.

I would second the gelatin suggestion! All I've read says that it's excellent for tissue health, as well as gut health, and it seems like that would be an excellent risk-free way to prevention full PROM. Azure has grass-fed beef gelatin, I believe! 🙂

Thank you for the reminder about gelatin. I ordered some on Amazon tonight.

We are praying for your little one and think about you every day. I don't have experience with the NICU but do know that you would definitely want to look into getting a double Medela breast pump to give the baby your milk while in the NICU. Also,my youngest was full term however I did have PROM and we waited 60 hours and the labor would not start.I went through a hard time after that because I had so hoped for a home birth. As mommies I can understand the anxiety and fear of the unknown and can only say that sometimes we will never know why these things happen but we have a heavenly father who does. We have to grieve and give ourselves time to recover it doesn't happen overnight.God be with you all and give you the grace you need.The Withams

There are three excellent NICUs close to your house Good Sam, Desert Sam and St Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center. Sam/Banner ones have their own Children Hospital located on the campus of Desert. St Joe's has a relationship with Phoenix Children. The big plus with St Joesph's is that they have Nurse Widwifery program in house and if you want to be delivered by one of them they will allow it and if things go south they can call in an OB/GYN, also Dr Elliot has an office across the street from them. Majority of their OB/GYN that are employed by St Joseph's are women and are excellent. Another person that might be an excellent resource is your current midwife, they all know each other.

Wish you the best.

thank you for sharing your updates Zsuzanna. I will continue to pray for you and your family. I am so sorry for the loss of your precious baby. Having miscarried before at 24 weeks I understand the devastation of your loss. I am praying for peace in your heart. One thing that brought me comfort was the thought that the first thing my baby ever laid his eyes on was our Lord!

Praying so much and thankful for this update. So thankful Baby B is hanging in there! Keep resting and trusting the Lord. He will carry you through. Love you.

Random thoughts. I hope and pray that baby stays where he belongs for several more months. Other thoughts are I think the risk of infection is high for your baby as your high risk specialist is saying and being born in a hospital might be the safest option just in case he needs emergent nicu care. I will say as someone who has witnessed several hospital births that it is much more about the nursing staff in the hospital as compared to the ob. The ob is present usually just for the births and rounds that day and the next morning while the nurses have much more to do with guarding your room for what you request. I did not have one but in your situation you might want to consider a doula. They are great at making sure your requests are honored and doesn't make your husband have to worry about things other than you. Especially with all your children at home it would probably be nice for you to have someone solely there for you in case an early delivery in eminent and your husband is with the children at home. All so continuing with this rambling post but the baby can be transported to another hospital once delivery has occurred if that would be best for him. Sometimes the best obgyn are not where the best pediatricians are. (Does your midwife have hospital privileges at any of the near by hospitals? I don't know if your state allows it or not, but it might be another option). Also on the random trail you might consider making sure your oldest few children are filling equipped and ready to call 911 if something happens and you can't reach the phone, and your husband isn't around. (I figure planning for bad situations makes them 1000 times less likely to occur). I think you have a pediatrician who you like, I can't remember, but if you do you can call their office and ask who they think had the best nicu, the nurses and physicians almost always have their favorite places.

I am so sorry for your loss.

2 Corinthians 1:3 Blessed be God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies, and the God of all comfort; 4 Who comforteth us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort them which are in any trouble, by the comfort wherewith we ourselves are comforted of God. My nephew was born at 30 weeks and was 3 pounds 3 oz. He was in the NICU for a month. Today he is 9, smart, and healthy. God is able to do exceedingly abundant above all that we ask. Praying for you and the family. I have a son in heaven too that passed away during my pregnancy. I have had two girls since and it is hard even today because I miss my baby. I know you trust in God and all that He has for your family. Grieve the son you have already lost and believe your other son is going to be ok. In reality, he will. Either he will be with you or the Lord so he has a win win either way.It is ok to be inconsolable by people, let God comfort you when people cannot. God loves your boys and He has a plan for them and He will get the glory! Praying for you and yours.

Thank you for your update and for letting us know your prayer requests. I continue to pray for you, your baby and family daily. I'm so sorry to hear of the passing of Baby A, but I know that he is in heaven to be with the Lord forever (which I learned when your husband showed from God's word in a sermon, which greatly comforted me when I reflected on a miscarriage I had a few years ago – at about 14 weeks) and I was able to use those words of God's to help comfort a friend of mine who lost her baby too. While there is such heartbreak I'm sure, we have that blessed hope and know that we shall be with our passed wee ones one day forever.

Continuing in prayer,

Praying for you and your family in Tn.

Zsuzsanna, I have been an occasional reader of your blog but ever since I first learned what you were going through in this pregnancy you have been in my thoughts and prayers daily. I don't have any experience to share with premature birth or the specific medical issues you have been facing, but I did have a baby in the NICU this spring. (He was born with spina bifida and required surgery very shortly after birth) Until our diagnosis I had been planning a low-intervention birth with a midwife. I hadn't seen a doctor at any point. So it was a big adjustment for us to switch to a c-section and the NICU. But it was a blessing to see what was coming ahead of time, and to be able to prepare for the worst while still praying for the best. Many parents end up with babies in the NICU and no advance warning. When you choose a hospital, ask to tour the NICU ahead of time. (Not sure if your bedrest will get in the way of this, but your husband could still go.) We are in New England, so pretty far away from your area, but our hospital was very accommodating about letting us see where our son would be staying and answering our questions. The doctor who met with us also took notes about our particular concerns and priorities. For example, if breastfeeding is important to you make sure that you tell everyone. Ask about the availability of lactation consultants if there are any issues. Availability of breast pumps in the NICU, places to pump in privacy, policies about asking you before offering formula, etc. My son didn't really have feeding problems, but he was born at 38 weeks so not really premature. Ask for the support you need over and over again until you get it. And start now, because when the baby is born (whenever God decides that will be!) you'll have so much on your mind that it will be hard to keep your thoughts organized. (Your experience with all your other children will also be one of your biggest advantages, though. You know so much more than a first-time mother.) Another thing to think about is support for your husband. I wouldn't have anticipated this until I saw my own husband's experience during our son's NICU stay. The hospital will be very mom-centered. In some ways this is as it should be, because you will be a patient too if you give birth there. But if your husband, like mine, is accustomed to being the head of his family, it can be quite a shock to feel marginalized or pushed aside in the NICU. I'm not even sure they did it intentionally, but it was incredibly hurtful to my husband when he sat by our baby's side for 3 weeks and felt like the doctors and nurses came to me for everything and never asked for his opinions. I ended up (as non-confrontationally as possible) saying something about it, and they changed right away to include him more. Which is why I suspect they weren't doing it deliberately in the first place. But your husband will be going through a lot too, and you will learn to take turns helping each other through the roughest parts and being sensitive to each other's feelings. It's a roller coaster, as you no doubt already know! I'll keep praying for the best possible outcome for you all!

21 week pregnancy update

I’m 29 weeks pregnant! Eeeek!



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33 Weeks pregnant and here’s what’s been going on guys!



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skyla the premature baby 29 weeks

Heres a link to Skyla at years old and how shes doing https://youtu.be/aHzNeVu_u4s This is my beautiful daughter who was born at 29 weeks at 2lbs4oz an her road to recovery.

29 week preemie first bath

29 week preemie first bath 🛀🏻 Daddy’s fingers helps soothe her while she experiences her first bath


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21 week pregnancy update

How Far Along: 20w3d

Bump Pic: Here is a picture of me with my MIL’s mexican sunflowers. This was taken Saturday and I was 20 weeks. I am just now starting to notice a difference in myself and definitely the way clothes fit.

Maternity Clothes: Right now, I am still in regular clothes. But I bought a tank and skirt at Old Navy on Sunday. I will be wearing the Skirt tomorrow to church.

Cravings: I saw an ad on FB for Quaker Steak & Lube and now I want their wings.

Food Aversions: I can eat anything right now.

Emotional Stuff: Who is not emotional when they are pregnant and are high risk?

Movement: I am pretty sure I am feeling some slight movement.

Sleep: Tossing and turning. Can’t get comfortable.

Week 19 Pregnancy Update

How Far Along: 20w

Bump Pic: Once I start showing, I’ll include this.

Maternity Clothes: Right now, I am still in regular clothes.

Cravings: Sweets. I wanted everything pumpkin last night. But I didn’t give in.

Food Aversions: I can eat anything right now.

Gender: Still a BOY! lol Ultrasound pic to prove that this time.

Emotional Stuff: I really have some emotional meltdowns. I had one a day or so before the anatomy scan.

Movement: I think I might have felt him move but it wasn’t anything major. I thought I wrote the date down but apparently I can’t find it on this desk of mine.

Sleep: I have been having some crazy dreams. One dream I had my alarm clock was in the dream and I kept snoozing it in real life. I ended up sleeping until after 11AM and wasn’t too thrilled about that. I think instead of buying a pregnancy pillow I might buy a body pillow first and see if that helps. They are a lot cheaper.

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