11 week old pregnancy

11 Weeks Pregnant

All About Baby

During your 11th week of pregnancy, your baby-to-be’s body still may look a little strange. At this point in development the head makes up nearly half of his body size. Don’t worry, in the next few weeks the rest of his body will catch up. Right now, part of your baby’s small intestine coils around the umbilical cord outside his body — this will change soon, too.

All About You

This is a good time to consider ways to maintain a healthy diet and good exercise routine during your pregnancy. Speaking of exercise, it’s a good idea to learn Kegel exercises, and time to start doing 25 a day. These are exercises you don’t have to get to the gym for! Stuck in traffic? Washing dishes? Listening to a boring presentation or a lecture from your boss? Then you can do a Kegel! Kegels strengthen the pelvic floor and tone the vaginal and perineal area.

To do a Kegel, tighten the muscles around the vagina and anus and hold for eight to 10 seconds. Confused? Practice by stopping a stream of urine when you’re on the toilet.

You’re almost done with your first trimester! Although you may be tired, sore, and nauseated at times, your body is in full-blown work mode. Your blood supply has increased to bring oxygen and nutrients throughout your body and especially to your unborn baby. Pregnancy hormones have been pulsing through your system, relaxing your ligaments and muscles so they can stretch and expand to accommodate your baby. Other hormones have put the rest of your body on alert — your breasts have grown considerably in preparation to feed your newborn. With all these internal changes, you may have little to show for it on the outside but a slight baby bump. (Don’t worry, your bump will be basketball size before long!)

Pregnancy Diet

Along with an increasing belly, you may have noticed the numbers on the scaling inching upwards. That’s OK! Weight gain is part of a healthy pregnancy. Many physicians hesitate to attach a certain weight gain for a “normal” pregnancy, pointing out that every woman is different. If you began your pregnancy overweight, you may not need to gain as much as an underweight woman. That said, an average-sized woman should expect to gain between 25 to 35 pounds during pregnancy.

While weight gain is inevitable, pregnancy doesn’t mean that you should throw out healthy eating habits in favor of extra scoops of ice cream and double portions of everything else. Eating sensibly will not only make you feel better — and get your baby-to-be the nutrients he needs — but it will make it that much easier to lose the weight after your baby’s born.

Where do those pounds go?

Those added pounds are there for a reason; here’s how they are distributed:

Keep in mind you’ll be adding these 30 pounds gradually throughout your pregnancy.

Avoid gaining too much

Despite the old adage to “eat for two,” you shouldn’t double your caloric intake during pregnancy. A normal-sized, healthy adult woman consumes between 1,800 to 2,200 calories a day. To supply your body with the added nutrients it needs during pregnancy, you should increase your calorie count by 300, not 1,000. In fact, 300 calories isn’t that much. According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), a bagel, some string cheese, or an extra tall glass of milk is all it takes — any of these choices will give you an extra 300 calories.

Foods that are good for you and your baby-to-be

Make the most of your increased calories by choosing foods that will provide the maximum nutrient kick. Here are a few nutrients that will benefit you and your unborn baby:

  • Protein: This important nutrient provides the building blocks for tissue. In your unborn baby, protein promotes muscle growth; and for you, protein builds up breast tissue. Bring on the meat, chicken, and milk!
  • Calcium: Strong bones begin with calcium. Your baby-to-be will need plenty of calcium to build her bones, and your bones will need extra support, too. Add plenty of cheese, milk, and calcium-fortified juices to your grocery list. (Maybe a little ice cream, too!)
  • Iron: Remember that increased blood supply? Well, iron is what helps form blood. Choose iron-rich foods such as red meat, eggs, beans, and green vegetables.
  • Folic Acid: Found in oranges, green vegetables, and beans, folic acid prevents spina bifida, a serious birth deformity. Don’t forget your glass of orange juice in the morning to help stave off this potential problem.

Pregnancy is not the time to diet. Instead of worrying about gaining weight, base your food choices instead on what will provide your growing baby the nutrients she needs.

Got questions about Week 11? Other women have asked this…

Q: I’m 11 weeks pregnant and I’m really exhausted. Why do I feel so tired all the time?

In early pregnancy, many women complain of fatigue. This fatigue is not like being a little tired; it feels like big-time exhaustion! One of the hormones of pregnancy, progesterone, is the biggest culprit. This hormone makes you feel like you could put your head down no matter where you sit and take a nice, long nap! In addition to progesterone, your blood sugar is being used up for your growing baby, adding to your fatigue. Read more about feeling tired during pregnancy.

Q: Is it really bad to eat peanuts?

This is a great and important question. Peanuts are a great source of protein and nutrients, and are relatively low in carbohydrates. Peanut allergies, however, can be very serious. Read more about eating nuts during pregnancy.

Q: Which skin creams are safe to use?

These are really good questions to ask, but hard questions to answer. Very little research has been done on skin product safety in pregnancy, so we are left with a little scientific information combined with common sense to guide us. Read more about pregnancy-friendly skincare products.

Q: Any advice for pregnancy over 40?

If you look at the biggest barriers to successful pregnancy over 40, the first is fertility, and the second is first-trimester miscarriage. Read more about getting pregnant after 35.

Your Partner

Write It Down

There is a moment, often towards the beginning of the second trimester, when your partner begins to feel so much better. She may no longer struggle with morning (er, any-time-of-day!) sickness and may even experience a boost of energy. This is the time that many expecting women enjoy most about pregnancy, and it gives you a chance to enjoy the pregnancy with her.

There is significantly less stress for you during the coming trimester, and this is a good point at which to begin thinking about what the future holds for you (and how you feel about it!). Keep track of your thoughts and feelings about all of the changes! Try writing it all down. You can keep a journal just for yourself (or to eventually give to your child), share your thoughts and experiences with your family and the rest of the world with a blog, or consider keeping a photo scrapbook: You can take pictures of you and your wife as the new baby becomes more and more obvious.

The benefits are great to journaling your experiences. Being able to look back in eight to 10 months and see where you were at this point — and how far you have come — can provide you with a wonderful sense of accomplishment (particularly at a point when you may not yet be feeling especially confident as a novice father). Writing down your thoughts and feelings even after Baby is born is a great way to process these new changes and challenges in your life, to better understand why you are reacting the way you are, and even to solve some of the issues you may be struggling with as a new dad.

11 Week Old Baby Development

11 Week Old Baby Development

What can you expect when your baby is 11 weeks old?

Your baby is almost three months old ndash; where has that time gone? By now you must have a lot of questions about what milestones your baby should have reached, or what you should expect during this eleventh week. Heres the most common questions most new parents are asking this week, and all the answers youve been searching forhellip;

How should an 11-week-old baby be physically developing?

By now your baby will have grown almost three inches since birth. They should have also gained about 2-3 pounds if not more. Theyre probably outgrowing all of their newborn clothes by now and are on their way to sleeping in a cot as opposed to a Moses basket.

Their legs and arms should be straightening out a bit as they grow, and theyll be filling out too, with fat pads developing in their cheeks.

As they start kicking and punching more, youll notice theyre gaining more control over their muscles and improving coordination. They may even have enough control to push up now when they lie on their tummy.

How should an 11-week-old baby be cognitively developing?

While their co-ordination wont be fully developed for months, they should be improving their movements so as to be less jagged and a tad more controlled. Youll notice this when they reach out to hit something dangling above them. This early playtime is an important part of their cognitive development and helps them understand cause and effect ndash; when they hit something, it moves.

Early play is a great time to test to hand-eye co-ordination, so keep them stimulated with hanging toys. Try hanging them over your babys chest, not eye-level, as this will be easier for them to reach for as they play. Its also beneficial to use noisy toys, as they help your baby understand where sounds come from. You may notice theyre much more engaged with different types of music.

While they wont be talking for a while, by 11 weeks, you may notice they respond to your chatter in their own little way, cooing when you leave them time to reply. Its a great start to developing language, as well as chatting to them when theyre happy and excitable, as your voice is by far their favourite to hear.

You#39;re one week away from your second immunisation appointment, as they should have had their first at eight weeks old. If that didnt go so smoothly, check out our advice on how to keep your baby calm during their second round of vaccinations.

At their first appointment, they received their first dose of the 5-in-1 injection against diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, polio and Hib (haemophilus influenza type B). The 12-week immunisation will call for a second dose of this plus a second dose of the Rotavirus vaccine.

Dont worry, you still have a week to wait before you have to worry about this one, but it may be best to start preparing yourself now.

Youll notice your baby is sleeping a lot less than they did ten weeks ago, usually around 15 hours over 24 hours. By now, you#39;ll hopefully be having more restful nights, with your baby sleeping ten hours (fingers crossed), the remaining five will be spread out over three or four naps throughout the day.

Dont worry if your baby is not fitting into one particular sleep routine, every baby is different and theyll still be waking up to feed during the day and night. If youre worried their daytime naps arent frequent enough or long enough, follow this advice from baby sleep expert Jo Tantum: #39;Watch for his tired signs ndash; rubbing eyes and ears, staring into space, getting grumpy, yawning, then take him into his room. Total blackout, sleeping bag and cuddles, try wave sounds to help calm him, too. Try giving him a comforter to hold ndash; I suggest a muslin square knotted in the middle as this helps as his motor reflexes are wanting to grab things so this can really help comfort him.#39;

If your baby is waking you up in the night when their dummy falls out, it may be time to stop using it at bed time. Although they find it comforting, you want to try and avoid your baby becoming dummy dependant. Youll have a few sleepless nights at first, but it will be worth in in the long run.

By 11 weeks, your baby will be taking more at each feed and therefore feeding less frequently. About 5-6 feeds over 24 hours is average at this age, but if theyre feeding more or less than this do not worry — as long as your baby is at a healthy weight, everything is fine! If you need a good guideline for feeding if youre using formula or if youre expressing, try 150-200ml per kilo of their weight.

Good news, if youve been dealing with colic, it should be starting settle down. If you need more advice on how to settle your crying baby, this guide might help.

Worried about what youre finding in your babys nappy? Our baby poo colour chart should ease your mind.

As your baby is feeding less, you may notice theyre not pooing as often. Some babies can go days without pooing ndash; it might sound worrying, but is completely normal as long as the stool they pass is soft and painless. The only time to worry is if your baby seems constipated, or in pain while pooing. Check out these signs of baby constipation if youre concerned, and head to the doctor for some medical advice.

  • Reaching and grabbing: As your baby is getting used to reaching and grabbing, try helping their development at playtime by placing toys within their reach when they lie on their stomach. This will help them practice reaching from a more complex position, and is great if theyre already pushing themselves up. Try this when they are sitting in their chair too, although dont make it too difficult or your baby will soon lose interest.
  • Start to baby proof your home: Your baby is likely starting to chew almost everything it finds, which means its time to clear away all those tiny or unsanitary objects that could be choking hazards. Dont be alarmed by this new-found habit, at this age, your baby will discover new objects with their mouths and will probably keep it up until theyre around two years old. Theres also a positive to this new trait ndash; it can actually help your baby develop chewing muscles for when they move onto solid food in a few months time.
  • Sleep routines: Finally, those sleep routines you started a few weeks ago should start to pay off. Your baby is starting to understand the difference between nighttime sleep and daytime sleep. Dont worry if they still wake at night for feeding, but take advantage of these nights of restful sleep if youre lucky enough to be getting them. If youre not, do not panic ndash; youll get there eventually.
  • Your babys personality: As your baby starts to make regular faces and sounds, youll notice them developing a little personality. This is an adorable, special time when youll start to see your babys characteristics coming to life. Allow them to watch your facial expressions and respond to theirs, it will help them understand social interaction better.

What problems should parents of an 11-week-old baby be aware of?

  • Flat Head Syndrome: If your baby doesnt like spending time on their tummy (which is very normal ndash; a lot of babies dont), you may notice the constant time on their back is causing a flat spot to appear on their head. This is Flat Head Syndrome and can be managed by reducing the amount of time your baby spends on their back.
  • Crying with purpose: Your babys crying may be louder now and more purposeful now. Theyre starting to understand they can get what they want, be it soothing or something else, by crying. Youll start to tell the difference between what each cry means with time. Dont worrying if youre finding this difficult, babies usually settle down with their crying around three months.
  • Postnatal Depression: Postnatal Depression can occur at any time in the first year of your babys life. Are you overwhelmed by guilt or feelings of failure? Do you feel like everything could go wrong and its all your fault? You may want to visit your doctor and talk about the possibility of postnatal depression. With one in ten women dealing with it, youre definitely not alone.

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11 Weeks Pregnant

Your Pregnancy Week by Week

Your Baby at 11 Weeks

Weight: 0.25 ounce (7 grams)

Mom at 11 Weeks Pregnant

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Your nausea and exhaustion may still be your constant companions. Along with these two familiars, you may start to feel the beginnings of ligament and muscle aches and pains as your body starts to relax them in preparation for future task of giving birth.

Your bathroom scale may have crept up an extra pound or two this week but it isn’t something for you to be overly concerned about just yet. The fear of gaining too much weight during pregnancy is a fairly common one; however, by following your doctor’s guidelines for your diet and exercise regimen, you should be able to manage the amount of weight that you do gain. Some weight gain is expected and often needed, especially if you were somewhat underweight to start with.

Start an exercise routine. As long as it’s okay with your doctor, consider enrolling in a prenatal yoga or water aerobics class. If you haven’t been exercising prior to the pregnancy, just take it slow. If you are used to physical fitness, you may continue your normal routine for as long as it’s comfortable and safe. Running and jogging will be fine for the next few months, but activities like karate, kickboxing and gymnastics may need a bit of tweaking.

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